Trans haute savoie orléans

trans haute savoie orléans

M (1686) carlo Besso Ferrero-Fieschi Principe di Masserano, son of - (-). Carlo Francesco Agostino his wife had two children: i) gabriella delle Lanze (-1726). He succeeded his father in 1189 as thomaomte de Maurienne et de Savoie, under the regency of Guglielmo V Marchese di Monferrato who brokered a favourable settlement to Comte Humbert III's dispute with the empire 259. . M Gabriel Guillaume de Siran Marquis de Cavenac (- -1784). M (contract Paris, Notre-Dame de Paris, consummated Jun 1409) as her first husband, marguerite de Bourgogne, widow of louis de France Dauphin de Viennois, daughter of jean de Bourgogne later jean "Sans-Peur" Duke of Burgundy his wife Margareta of Holland (1390-Paris, bur Paris église des. Charles had one illegitimate child by an unknown mistress: a)  - Poullain (-after ). . B) philippe de Vendôme (Paris -Paris, bur Temple, Paris). . A charter dated lists the dower assigned by King Edward to Margaretam gis Franciæ 741. . Until further information comes to light, it is assumed that Alix/Adelaide who was betrothed to Richard, and who later married the Comte de Ponthieu, was the daughter who was born in 1160, and that King Louis had no daughter of this name by his third. He succeeded his brother in 1759 as carlos III King of Spain. She was baptised as the daughter of Louis de Montreuil (ex-cavalry officer) and Marguerite Catherine Haynault. . jeanne de France (born and died Vincennes Nov 1337). . C)  jean marie de Bourbon (Paris -Paris, bur Rambouillet, later Dreux). . He succeeded in 1272 as Seigneur de Beaujeu et de Dombes.

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B)  - Cusani (-1727). Her third marriage is confirmed by the Annalista Saxo which names " Adelheidis que soror erat comitis qui agnominatus est de Monte Bardonis in Italia et Immule seu Irmingardis " as wife of " Ottonis marchionis de Italia ". . Prior of the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Maurice, Aosta. princes de conde, comtes de soissons, princes de conti 1456. The Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis names " Catherina " as only daughter of " Balduino ilippus eiusdem filius " and his wife " filiam Karoli regis Siciliæ " 873. . Julie Filleul (Château de Lonpré -Paris ). The name of Goffredo's wife is not known. . Mistress (1) : jeanne Pitrot-Vertreuil, daughter. Gallo 1239 " 467. . Amiral de France Grand veneur de France, resigning in favour of his son, but resuming this function in 1768. . Marguerite de Viennois would therefore have been the niece of Comte Amedées first wife. .

trans haute savoie orléans

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He was killed during fighting between rival Florentine factions 749. She succeeded her brother in 1762 as Marchesa di Susa. She emigrated from France in Sep 1789, living in Turin as the Marquise de trans haute savoie orléans Maisons. . M (1398) michelina Piossasco, daughter of borno Piossasco, from Airasca his wife. . The Miracula Sancti Bernardi records the death in Paris in 1044 of " Mahildis reginaex Cæsarum progenie and her burial " monasterio Sancti Dionysii " 275. Jeanne de Savoie (after -Thessaloniki ). . " Domino Philippo de Sabaudia natodomini Jacobi de Sabaudia principis Achaye " swore hommage to " domino Amedeo comite Sabaudie " by charter dated 798. . " Willelmus comes Pontivi et Monstreoli " granted rencontre de qualité comparatif sites rencontres rights to the commune of Maioc, with the consent of " Aalis, uxoris mee et Symonis de Bolonia, generis mei, et Marie filie mee, uxoris eius by charter dated. . If this is correct, the betrothed must have been his daughter Beatrix, the only one whose name began with the letter. . René his wife had five children:. He was invested as Comte de Mortain et dAumâle in Feb 1223 by his father. . He succeeded his maternal grandfather in 1516 as carloing of Aragon and Castile. . She married secondly (1589) Arrigo di Saluzzo-Miolans Seigneur de Cardé. Compte de Jean Perdrier records that Jean died vers le mois de septembre château de Vincennes and was buried aux Celestins de Paris le vendredi 31 octobre suivant 1230. . M firstly (contract Blois, Blois 1423) jeanne dOrléans, daughter of charles Duc d'Orléans his first wife Isabelle de France (Blois Aug 1409-Angers, Abbaye de Saint-Aubin, Maine-et-Loire, bur Abbaye de Saint-Aubin). . " Willelmus comes Pontivi et Monstreoli " donated property to the church of Saint Giosse, with the consent of " Marie filie mee et Aelis uxoris mee by charter dated. . Fratri suo " and appointed " Philippi elect. Berta is named in charters in Aragon from. . Francesco his wife had one child: a) perot de Savoie (-after 1369). . She probably died before, the date of the testament of " Beatrice Vedova del Re Berengario Conte di Provenza " under which her two older sisters received bequests and in which she is not named 349. Elisabeth de Vendôme (Paris Aug 1614-Paris, bur convent of the Filles de Sainte-Marie de la rue Saint-Antoine Paris). . The marriage contract between lle Michelle and usin Philippes de Bougongne aisné fils des Comte et Comtesse de Nevers is dated 1075. M firstly (1528, divorced) as her second husband, jeanne de Pontevès, widow of luciano Grimaldi Sovereign Lord of Monaco, daughter of tanneguy de Pontevès co-Seigneur de Cabanes his wife Jeanne de Villeneuve (-after ).

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A charter dated Jan 1213 (New Style) confirms a grant of rights to the church of Sainte-Marie at Clairvaux by " WillelmusPontivi et Monstreoli comes et Aalis, uxor eius, filia pii regis Ludovici " agreed a concession made by one of his vassals, with the. The Annales Elnonenses Minores records the death in 1003 of " Susanna regina " 197. . M (Versailles ) charles Philippe de France Comte d'Artois, son of louis Dauphin de France his second wife Maria Josepha Pss of Saxony (Versailles - Schloß Graffenberg, Görz Gorizia, now in Italy, bur Santa Maria del Annunziazione, Castagnavizza Kostanjevica na Krasu, now in Slovenia near. Antoinette dOrléans (Château de Trie, Trie-Château 1572-Poitiers, bur Calvaire de Machecoul). . " Cecilia comitissa " donated property for the souls of " domini mei Poncii comitiset filii mei Raimundi comitis " to the church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem by charter dated. Philippo filio suo primogenito and Ysabellam filiam regis Aragoniæ 695. . Amedei comitis Sabaudiæ " dated makes bequests to " Bastardo Bellijoci, qui nunc dicto testatori servitnaturalibus suis Ogerio et AmedeoJoanni filio suo naturali cantori GebennesiiDonatæ suæ moniali de Bons " 638. Pair de France, prince de Martigues, Comte de Buzençois, Seigneur dAnet. . One possibility is confusion in the order of birth of the kings daughters. She was deposed as Queen of Cyprus in 1461. . The Chronique de Saint-Denis records that the queen gave birth 24 Aug, 1392 from the context (which must be incorrect given the births of her other children dans lhôtel royal de Saint-Paul to une rie, whose mother promit de vouer cette enfant à Dieu. De Gonor, surintendant des finances, dated, records that N- de Valency, bâtard de feu.

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